Paul Faust AKA “Cool Guy Paul” used to be my friend on Facebook.

In the world of Dunder Mifflin, Paul Faust is manager of Disaster Kits Limited and is one of the Five Families of the Scranton Business Park. In the real world, Paul Faust really is manager of Disaster Kits Limited and is also the cousin of Paul Lieberstein AKA Toby Flenderson.

Paul Faust owns a few companies in addition to Disaster Kits Limited, and he brought one of those businesses to a pet grooming industry trade show that my office produces. His booth wasn’t far from the registration desk, so I had the opportunity to chat with him over the course of the weekend. We became Facebook friends after the trade show, though the friendship was brief. He probably hoped our Facebook friendship would yield business leads; I hoped to gain a direct line to John Krasinski.

Even though Cool Guy Paul hasn’t physically been to our office building, I am going to assume (until proven otherwise) that he is actually a mole hired by the writers of The Office to steal crazy stories from my coworkers and me. It’s the only logical explanation for how eerily identical Dunder Mifflin is to my office.


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