Word of the day: Compromise. This episode, everyone wants it. Others don’t really understand what it means.

Finn: Let me help you with that.
Rachel: Thanks Finn. You’re so chivalrous.
Finn: Thanks! That’s a good thing, right?
Yes, Finn is rather chivalrous. I was really impressed that he would help Rachel in public, because that could definitely damage his reputation. I guess he is starting to settle into his own without fear of what others think, but it is still a challenge for him.

“One day, you will all work for me.” – Kurt Hummel
It looks like Kurt is beginning to stand up for himself, and maybe one day he won’t end up inside the dumpster.

Quinn: Let’s compromise. If you quit the club, I’ll let you touch my breast.
Finn: Under the shirt?
Quinn: Over the bra.
Finn: No, no. I can’t. I want to do Glee. I’m really happy when I perform.
Congrats to Finn for choosing Glee over some booty. Also, it wasn’t until now that I realized the couple is “Finn & Quinn” – and it just sounds ridiculous. Couple’s names shouldn’t rhyme.

“You try to bust my face again, and I will cut you.” – Mercedes
I can only think of Bon Qui Qui when I hear that phrase. And that automatically makes it awesome.

“You are not giving up your craft room, Terri. A mother needs her respite. That craft room is the only thing that is going to keep you from going all Susan Smith on that little angel. Post partum runs in our family.” – Kendra
I can’t decide who is worse – Terri or Kendra? It looks like being plain crazy runs in their family too.

Kendra: Where are you going?
Kendra’s Husband: Bathroom? All that bran.
Kendra: No, you can’t. Kyle needs his inhaler.
Whipped. Let’s hope that Will is better at growing a backbone. At least Will’s character has a name and the guts to expose his wife’s Christmas Closet.

“This banister was made by Ecuadorian children.” – Real Estate Agent
Is that the big selling point these days? Nothing says luxury like child labor.

“My very own Sophie’s Choice. Fine, I’m going to give up the sun nook for the grand foyer. But I really need the polished door handles.” – Terri
Great analogy, Terri. Having to choose which pointless luxury to give up is just like making a life or death decision in a Nazi concentration camp. At least she is getting a taste of compromise – a house with no sun nook, but a grand foyer.

“Communication is the foundation of any successful music group. If we’re going to succeed, we need to communicate.” – Will
Communication is key to any relationship, musical or not. Will’s marriage could use some honest communication.

Emma: Rachel, did you just throw up?
Rachel: No.
Emma: You missed the toilet.
Rachel: The girl who was throwing up before me left that. I tried, but I guess I just don’t have a gag reflex.
Emma: One day when you’re older that will turn out to be a gift. Let’s have a little chat, okay?
I didn’t get this until the second time I watched it. Oh my, Emma.

“Have you ever liked somebody so much you just want to lock yourself in your room, turn on sad music and cry?” – Rachel
I prefer my car, and listening to Marie Digby’s “Better Off Alone”.

“You need to remember, Rachel, to protect your heart. I don’t care who he is, if he doesn’t like you for the way you are, if he’s married with a baby on the way. That’s not worth the heartache. You don’t want to compromise yourself for that… um…” – Emma
“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” – Proverbs 4:23

“Santana Lopez bent over in hers one day, and I swear I could see her ovaries.” – Puck
Does Puck know what ovaries are, or did he have to look them up?

“This dance ain’t for errbody. Only the sexy people.” – Artie, during the performance of “Push It”
I laughed out loud when he said this. Maybe it’s something about a nerdy white guy with glasses saying “errbody”.

“That was the most offensive thing I’ve seen in 20 years of teaching. And that includes an elementary school production of Hair.” – Sue
How an elementary school was able to do a musical about the sexual revolution, I do not know. My elementary school was only able to do the first act of “Into the Woods” because Act II was a bit off limits.

“My first thought was that your students should be put into foster care.” – Sue

“I’m a good man, Emma. I’ll treat you right, put up with your crazy. They can’t fire me because I’m a minority, so I’ll always be able to provide for you. You can’t do much worse.” – Ken Tanaka
Ken Tanaka is growing on me. He’s not the skeezeball he was in the first episode, and I think he really likes Emma. I hope she has a good time at Tulipalooza.

Finn: I looked under the bed to make sure you weren’t hanging out under there. But then I heard you sing. I don’t know how to say this, but it touched something in me. Right here.
Rachel: Your heart is on the other side of your chest.
Finn: It’s beating really hard.
So. Cute. Cue the swooning of women everywhere.

“It’s not all about you, or, I realized, about me.” – Will
I just hope Will realizes it can be about him sometimes, and doesn’t let Terri have her way all the time.


2 thoughts on “Glee Episode #2: Showmance

  1. I really enjoyed last night's episode. I think it's a clever show. I cracked up during the "Push It" routine. It kinda reminds me of Freaks and Geeks. Let's hope this show lasts longer than F&G did.

  2. "Push It" was beyond words. I may download "Take a Bow", though. It does seem a lot like Freaks and Geeks! And it also reminds me of Popular, which is written by the same guy who does Glee. I think Glee has built up more hype than F&G and Populare, though, and has a better chance at making it.

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