There are two things that give me life, probably more than anything else. People and dance.

This weekend was such a life-giving experience, because I got to go to the beach with three of my friends who also just graduated from Messiah. It was the first time we had seen each other since graduation, and it was great to spend some time catching up and sharing our plans (or lack of plans) with each other. Though the sun didn’t come out until the afternoon, there was plenty of adventure and laughter. Plus we were at the beach, and that didn’t hurt. Soaking in the rays, daring to stand before the waves, mocking the abundant high school population in spite of our own juvenile games – it was a great day for the beach.

And DANCE! Tomorrow night begins my favorite part of the summer. So You Think You Can Dance! For the next few weeks, SYTYCD treats me to bits of choreographic genius and sheer artistic talent. I sit for two hours with a smile on my face, hugging a pillow with excitement, as couple after couple takes the stage. It’s quite a joyful experience.
FOX – Wednesday 8pm (performance), Thursday 9pm (results)


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