Dream Journal: Phil and the Fangirls

Lately I’ve been struggling to get going in the morning. I usually wake up at least an hour after my alarm clock goes off. This morning, I woke up relatively early and surprisingly well rested. I credit this feeling to the dream I had last night – and going to bed before 2 AM for once this week.

In my dream, I had sent Philip Wang (of Wong Fu Productions) a message via either Twitter or Facebook. He sent a hand-written reply on what looked like green elastic medical tape. Soon after I received his reply, I came across him in person. He remembered me from my online message, and we began talking. Though I don’t remember what my message said, he thanked me for it. It had apparently left an impression on him – enough for him to remember my name and face.

We talked for some time about my message and just about life in general. He also mentioned that he was looking to move into a new apartment. Jokingly, I offered to let him move in with me, and shockingly he seemed to be interested in the offer. “My roommate is going to be moving out in a few months anyway…” I explained.

“You have a roommate?” he asked, somewhat surprised. He continued thinking about the offer and went on to explain that he had been thinking about moving east. “I’m actually from Cincinnati,” he said. Living in California, he spent so much time away from his family and wanted to live closer to them.

At this point, we were interrupted by an airline representative who asked to see our boarding passes. Apparently we had been in an airport gate the whole time. Our passes looked slightly different, but they were for the same flight. We were both in row 8, I think. For some reason, I was a little concerned that the woman would think we were together, perhaps even married, because our seats were next to each other. Soon after the woman left, a teenage girl with a pink bedazzled Blackberry came up to us – well, up to Phil. As she asked for his phone number between nervous giggles, I remember feeling proud of myself for holding a mature conversation with Phil without getting all fan-girly (much like how I felt during their Princeton visit last April when Phil and I briefly talked about The Office).

Normally, after such a pleasant dream, I would resist waking up. However, this dream was so relatively realistic and… comfortable. I woke up without much issue, because it felt like I would wake up to find that my dream was actually reality – and if that were the case, I’d want to wake up as soon as possible.

And now I just sound like a giggly fangirl.

Phil and I at Wong Fu’s Princeton event – a girl can dream, can’t she?

Single Sunday: Question #8

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*The original audience of these questions was primarily Christian, and we are mainly interested in the issue of singleness in the Church, which can be a very challenging place for single adults. If “Church” does not relate to your own experiences, feel free to comment on your community or society.

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