Presidential Scarf

Presidential Scarf Proposal Sketch, 2009

Messiah College’s President Kim Phipps commissioned the Textiles Surface Design class to create designs that the class would hand-paint onto silk scarves. These scarves would then be presented as gifts to the women of the Board of Trustees as part of the College’s Centennial Celebration. This design was one of five chosen by President Phipps, who personally requested this design be used for 7 of 25 scarves.


Gospel for the Globe

“Gospel for the Globe” is the visual and conceptual solution to an exhibition design assignment. Given the exhibition space (Poorman Recital Hall in Messiah College’s Climenhaga Fine Arts Center) and hypothetically unlimited budget, I was asked to develop an original idea and concept illustrations of the exhibition. “Gospel for the Globe” focuses on the work and importance of Bible translation around the world and the impact of Church persecution.

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