Dream Journal: Five-Part Harmony

I think it was raining for the entirety of the dream.

There was a conference going on at the local college campus. It was some kind of Christian conference called GPI, which I think stood for “Global Project Initiative.” The musical guest for the conference was David*Crowder Band, which just released a new album. I left campus to go home before the conference, and as I drove through a residential neighborhood, I saw the band rehearsing. They were spread out over several houses’ backyards, as if each band member had his own backyard. It was pouring rain, yet they stayed outside to rehearse. I didn’t think it was a good idea to be out in the rain with so much electrical equipment like amps and sound boards.

When I got to the house, several of my friends were hanging out in the driveway. My one friend and I jumped into the car to avoid the rain, but one of our other friends stayed outside and leaned against the door to keep us from getting out. “You can always go out this door,” I said to my friend, motioning to the door on my side.

We eventually got out of the car, and all of my friends were just standing around between two buildings. We were either waiting for something or just trying to kill time, because we didn’t seem to have anywhere else to be. Maybe there was music playing, or maybe someone just started singing spontaneously, but at that point we started improvising harmonies. Pretty much each person was singing a unique part so that we had at least a five-part harmony going on. I can’t remember if the song we were singing was something known from the radio or if we were making up the song on the spot.