The Office, My Office #10: Mrs. Albert Hannaday

Jim, Pam, and Andy watch a pirated movie, Mrs. Albert Hannaday, starring Jack Black, Jessica Alba, and Cloris Leachman.

This is my office. Every day at lunch, I sit in our office break room and watch shows on Netflix with two of my coworkers. We just finished watching Arrested Development, and now we’re catching up on The Office. (Last year, I brought in my DVDs of The Office, seasons 1-4, so we are picking up again with season 5.)

In today’s episode, Jim and Pam join Andy in their office break room and watch Mrs. Albert Hannaday, a movie that Andy illegally downloaded. When this scene started, my coworkers and I laughed at the striking similarity to ourselves in that very moment. My coworkers and I were sitting around a laptop in the break room watching Jim, Pam, and Andy sitting around a laptop in their break room watching Cloris Leachman seduce Jack Black. How meta. We were even sitting in the same order: the one woman sitting on the far right and the two men sitting on the left. A few moments into the scene as Andy poured out a bowl of popcorn [kernels] and took his seat, I laughed and said, “It’s us!”

In the photo below, I captured the moment of Office inception. Offception.

Mrs. Albert Hannaday


The Office, My Office #7: Mistakes

New CEO Robert California charges Regional Manager Andy Bernard with eliminating the many mistakes and improving productivity at the Scranton office.

Robert: Last week, an accounting mistake resulted in a client getting their order for free.
Andy: Oof! That’s not good. Chalk that one up to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum out there.
Robert: Who are they?
Andy: They’re both Kevin.
Robert: Simply end the mistakes… End the mistakes. It’s all I ask.

My office also makes mistakes. In fact, we heard a very similar speech days before this episode aired. I even sent a video of this episode to my boss and figured he would get a kick out of it. At our office, mistakes were made. Fingers were pointed. My boss’s response? “I don’t know whose fault it is. It doesn’t matter. Just stop messing up.”

Simply end the mistakes.

The Office, My Office #6: Animal Rescue

Angela’s husband, the [State] Senator, hosts a fundraising dinner for animal rights activists. The recently fired Andy crashes the fundraiser, and in the middle of a mental breakdown, he ends up adopting 12 dogs.

My office once had someone who rescued dogs, sometimes 12 (or more) at a time. And just like on The Office, coworkers were sometimes persuaded to take some of the rescue dogs into their own homes.

The difference here is that my coworker ran a dog rescue; Andy just… snapped. He was fired, he had a mental breakdown, and then he dove right in for his dozen. I think the 12 in my office was more of a gradual build-up and (hopefully) wasn’t the result of a psychological crisis.