Anyone willing to help me cross off some items will be greatly appreciated, perhaps with a hand-made thank you card or baked goods. :)

1. Castle: The Complete Third Season and The Complete Fourth Season on DVD — Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the Christmas gift!
2. A conversation with Nathan Fillion over a beverage of our choosing
3. A brown coat — My sister found a tan corduroy trench coat at a rummage sale!
4. A second season of Firefly

5. A subscription to RELEVANT Magazine — Thanks, roommate, for an awesome Christmas gift!
6. A graphic design job at RELEVANT Magazine

Dance lessons, I swear!

7. Glee: The Music (Volume 4 and Volume 5) – that “Marry You” song is so catchy! — I can now listen to both albums (and more!) whenever I want, thanks to Spotify, the new music app for desktop and mobile devices!
8. Dance lessons from Harry Shum, Jr.
9. Dinner with the cast, followed by a spontaneous jam session

10. 21 by Adele – why can’t all the popular singers have actual talent like Adele? 4-30-11 UPDATE!
11. Talent like Adele

12. Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson – she’s amazing as a live performer, but I suppose a CD will do. She’s one of several people who make me think it would be awesome to have an ukulele 7-24-11 UPDATE!
13. Ukulele 7-24-11 UPDATE!
14. Hawaiian vacation
15. Hawaiian sweet rolls 4-29-11 UPDATE!

16. Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert DVD — Thanks, roommate, for the birthday gift! She actually gave me her copy, so for her birthday, I gave her a copy, too.
17. Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert DVD — Thanks, sister, for the Christmas gift!
18. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo — Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the Christmas gift!
19. The motivation and desire to read all of Les Miserables

Hey, guys – I’m in California every February, FYI!

20. Technology Ruins Romance T-shirt
[No longer available ] :(
21. Anything from Are You a Nice Guy?
22. Anything made by Wong Fu Productions
4-18-11 UPDATE!
23. Dinner with Wong Fu Productions

24. The Office on DVD (Season 5 & Season 6) – and Season 7, when it is released
25. For Erin & Andy to get back together – you know they’re perfect for each other! — THANKS, THE OFFICE! Watch “Get the Girl” on Hulu.
26. An epic Michael/Holly wedding episode
27. For Steve Carrell to stay on the show

28. By My Side by David Choi  3-24-12 UPDATE!
29. David Choi by my side at Chick-Fil-A — 3-24-12 UPDATE!

30. The Civil Wars’ “Barton Hollow” – on vinylI ordered the record when their new album, “The Civil Wars” was released.
31. A working turntable 7-15-12  I bought a Crosley CR89 Traveler Stack-O-Matic Turntable for $80 from a guy down the street. He and his wife threw in a second turntable and any records we wanted for free!
32. Team 3 reunion with Joy Williams at a Civil Wars concert

33. Any Every song ever released by Chris Cendana and AJ Rafael
34. A reunion with those guys, promptly followed by a jam session
35. For Chris to stop working and finally get to do music full time! (maybe I’ll cross this off soon?) 4-12-11 UPDATE!

36. Kina Grannis’ “Stairwells” Limited Edition Deluxe Bundle – on its way, I think!
4-28-11 UPDATE!
37. A picture with Kina Grannis, wearing matching side braids – possibly remedied at the World Cafe Live show in Philly 4-21-11 UPDATE!
A super talented and beautiful BFF named Kina Grannis

39. Grenade by Bruno Mars — Thanks, Amazon Prime free trial, for the mp3 store credits!
40. World peace


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