Brandon Ghorley, 2012

Brandon Ghorley (World Cafe Live, Philadelphia), 2012


Simmons-Domer Wedding Photos

Prior to her wedding, my friend Lindsey had this request for her wedding guests: “Please take a ton of photos at the ceremony and reception — you never know what the photographer might miss!” She also asked guests to post the photos onto their Shutterfly site afterward, a thrifty way to order prints of photos that captured the bride and groom’s special day. The wedding took place at a small church in Maryland. There was little artificial light in the sanctuary, but there was some incredible sunlight streaming in from the one side, which was almost entirely windows. The reception was held in a recreation hall, with fluorescent lighting from the high ceilings and plenty of candlelight at every table. Here are some of the photos that I took at the wedding celebration.

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Halav Lav Headshots

Recently, Halav Lav Ballet Company, of which I am a member, went to nearby Nagley Park in Lemoyne, PA, to take headshots for our new website, which will go live in the coming weeks. Sarah, another Company member, was our main photographer, but I brought along my camera, too. Out of the four of us in the Company, three are photographers. We took turns in front of and behind the cameras to ensure that no shot was missed. What we ended up with were many great photos and options for our individual headshots. After the individual headshots were completed, I set up my camera and tripod to get some photos of the entire Company. Here are some of the photos that I captured during the shoot, without post-processing. (Sarah captured better headshots of Jade, who is pictured in the group photos below.)

L-R: Cindy Agoncillo, Jade French, Hope Dudek, and Sarah Long

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Thanks to Sarah for taking my headshot!

Photo by Sarah Long, Editing by Cindy Agoncillo