Two years ago, AJ Rafael released “Emma Watson,” a song that has become the celebrity crush anthem. And as far as anyone knows, despite countless tweets and retweets, Emma has yet to hear the song.

In 2004, director Brian Herzlinger released My Date with Drew, a documentary that followed his 30-day quest for a date with his celebrity crush: Drew Barrymore. And he only had $1,100 to do it.

But if there’s anything we can learn from Brian Herzlinger’s quest, it’s to not give up hope, which is why I think it’s time to come up with a plan and a strategy to reach Emma. Here’s what I have in mind:

PART #1: Direct Contact
1. Send a link to “Emma Watson” straight to Emma.
Original song –
Official music video –


2. Send a physical copy of “Red Roses” to Emma.
Public Eye Communications
Suite 313
The Plaza
535 King’s Road
United Kingdom

(Her official website lists this mailing address for press inquiries only, but it couldn’t hurt to send a copy here.)

PART #2: Making Connections
With so many famous friends, AJ’s bound to have some kind of connection to Emma – a friend of a friend of a costar (or maybe just a celebrity blogger or TV show host) who can get her to listen to the song. Right?

AJ > Scott Alan > Samantha Barks > Eddie Redmayne > Emma Watson
AJ > Tori Kelly > Scooter Braun > ?? > Emma Watson
AJ > a bunch of people from Glee > Chris Colfer > Emma Watson (she follows him on Twitter)
AJ > Jasmine Rafael > NappyTabs > ?? > Emma Watson
AJ > Jeremy Lin > ?? > Emma Watson
AJ > Berklee College of Music > ?? > Emma Watson
AJ > Mike Song > Ellen DeGeneres > Emma Watson
AJ > Wong Fu Productions > ?? > Emma Watson
AJ > Dante Basco > ?? > Emma Watson

Ellen DeGeneres has a history of showcasing viral videos on her show and inviting YouTube personalities, including some of our favorites, to join her on the air. There are plenty of opportunities on her show’s official website to share videos you think she should see:

I have also tweeted a link to Brian Herzlinger. With his experience from his own celeb crush quest, maybe he has some tips or pointers. Maybe he’ll even have compassion for someone much like himself and lend a hand in the quest.

So first step: watch My Date with Drew for a boost in motivation and inspiration. (It’s on Netflix!) Second step: spread the word in different ways to different people. Third step: don’t give up!

Who knows? Maybe in 30 days, AJ will finally hear from Emma!


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