This is a “bucket list” of things I want to do or accomplish before my 30th birthday (June 2, 2017). I intended to make a “25 Before 25” list, but then I realized that my 25th birthday was less than five months away… hence the “30 Before 30” list. Having a few years instead of a few months to accomplish these things, I can include a few loftier goals that might need a bit more time… and money. In no particular order…

1. Watch every movie on this list – feel free to add your recommendations – IN PROGRESS

2. Record a cover song and post the video on YouTube

3. Drive with no planned destination (Note to self: remember to fill up the gas tank and bring a GPS to get back home) – I used to walk with no destination in Boston, and I’ve kind of always wanted to do this with driving since this Nissan commercial: DONE!

4. Run a 5K (probably for Run Team Kina)

5. Completely pay off my car – I’m on track to meet this goal by January 2017 September 2016 August 2015 June 2015

6. Read the entire Bible – IN PROGRESS

7. Dine in a 5-star restaurant (Forbes 5-star or Michelin 3-star rating)

8. Be in the studio audience for the taping of a TV show

9. Bake a pie or cake completely from scratchDONE!

10. Sew a dress from a patternDONE!

11. Go on a vacation with friends (A real vacation. No responsibilities. Not a “we have these things to do, but we’re in a nice place” kind of trip.)

12. Go white water rafting – DONE!

13. Write the pilot episode for a TV show (Right now I’ve got a basic outline including some character history, story arcs, and a Season 2 twist!)

14. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square

15. Get a professional massage – or take a spa day DONE!

16. Take a surfing lesson and catch a wave

17. Have flat abs or even – gasp! – a six-pack (preferably before I go surfing)

18. Complete my collection of autographs from the cast of Castle (So far I have autographed photos from Molly Quinn, Seamus & Juliana Dever, and Nathan Fillion) – IN PROGRESS

19. See So You Think You Can Dance live on tour – November 7, 2014!

20. Have a face-to-face conversation with a celebrity, preferably over a meal – DONE!

21. Spend a whole day in a giant blanket fort (I’ll probably be wearing my footie pajamas)DONE!

22. Cook an entire Thanksgiving Day mealDONE!

23. Donate a gallon of blood (8 pints = 8 donations), but not all at once, obviously – IN PROGRESS

24. Buy a piece of furniture at an estate sale – DONE!

25. Have a paint ball fight – not with a gun but like the one in 10 Things I Hate About You

26. Read Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables in its entirety – IN PROGRESS

27. Plan and execute a successful 10-year reunion for Team 3, my group from a 2003 mission trip to Quito, Ecuador. One of our team leaders was Joy Williams, who is now one-half of The Civil WarsDONE?

28. Create a lyric type design (like “The World in Front of Me” or “Without You”for every song on five different albums – IN PROGRESS

29. Make it into the Late Night Hashtags segment of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – or alternatively, say/tweet something to a comedian (or famous person I find hilarious) and make him or her laugh

30. Go to Hawaii or go on a cruise


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