As I start to write this, it’s 11:43 pm on Friday night, ending our (technically) second day of the trip even though it’s been only 30 hours or so since we left the church for the airport. So far we have been blessed with smooth travel, facing few to no complications or unpleasant surprises. It only took 40 minutes to check in and get through security at the beginning of our trip, and when we arrived in Bangkok, so did all of our luggage. We were able to fill our 20+ travel hours with conversation, a few meals, and several movies. (One of the movies I watched was basically the Filipino version of She’s All That.) We are now settling into our rooms at the Bangkok Christian Guest House after walking around the surrounding neighborhood to see what is in the area. Not far from where we are staying, the street corners were filled with girls and their pimps – the girls sitting in rows of plastic patio chairs like a showroom – and it’s hard to see how common that is.  Pray for the women on our team who will be ministering directly to women in Bangkok’s red light district later on during the trip. Tomorrow will begin early with breakfast and worship followed by a trip to Wat Pho, a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. Pray for our team as we navigate the public transit system and make connections with friends and ministry partners tomorrow! Pray for us as we adjust to the new time zone, though I think sleep will come easily tonight!


One thought on “Day “Two”

  1. Thanks for your updates, Cindy. I remember being in Bangkok at some of the same places when I was on a missions trip to Thailand. We’re praying for you and our church family will be praying for you in the services today. BLESSINGS!

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