In 12 hours, our team of 10 will be leaving the U.S. headed for Bangkok, Thailand. There’s a mix of excitement and anxiety as we finish up (or maybe start?) packing for the trip. We are so thankful for everyone who has journeyed with us as we prepared for this day, from those who have bought subs to help us raise money to those who have faithfully covered this team in prayer. Last night we had the opportunity to join with family, friends, and members of our church community for a time of worship and prayer. It was a blessing to be sent off with their prayers, words of affirmation, and hopes for each of us. Over the past few weeks, we have been able to receive prayer from various people, many who are new faces for the team, and to receive specific words of knowledge from them regarding our time in Thailand. It is not with expectation but expectancy that we go to Thailand and hope to see God’s words fulfilled in us and through us. Pray for bold obedience to step out in faith when God calls us to action. May we see His miracles not just before our eyes but at our fingertips, through our faithfulness to His service. May we be sensitive to His voice and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

It’s our plan to continue updating this site with stories from our time in Thailand and testimony of the work God is doing there. Subscribe to have new posts sent directly to your email and follow #McBICThailand on social media for more updates!


One thought on “12 Hours to Takeoff!

  1. Know that so so many are praying for your incredible trip. We know that you and the people of Thailand will grow immensely because of your journey.

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