Quidditch was an Olympic sport, and it was being broadcast on wall-size TV screens in what looked like a mall food court. Among the competition was “Team Hogwarts” (they weren’t really from Hogwarts – it was a team of character lookalikes put together to appeal to Harry Potter fans) and a team of kids from various Pennsylvania cyber schools. Quidditch also had an academic quiz component. Both teams wore maroon uniforms.

In the food court was a Taco Bell/Domino’s/Little Caesars. If you wanted pizza right away, they served you Little Caesars “Hot-N-Ready” pizza. If you wanted a custom order, they served you Domino’s. No one wanted Taco Bell. I was confused and struggling to figure out when all three became one restaurant. Domino’s was making the “world’s largest” (but not really) pizza while we were there. It involved a man break dancing inside a giant ball of dough in order to flatten it onto a pan. They gave us an extra slice of pizza because someone in our group was having a birthday. I don’t think they were trying to break a world record. I think they just make really big pizza.

Also in what looked like a mall, I was standing with a few older women who just discovered I was a couple months pregnant (ONLY in the dream). I kept trying to tell them I was only a “little bit pregnant” and that it felt more like a food baby than a real baby. They insisted on trying to feel my belly. It was annoying. Meanwhile a really old hippie woman in a purple dress was leaving the store across from us, and she was WAY more pregnant that I was. They didn’t seem to notice.

My sister told me I had to go home immediately after dinner. I hadn’t packed yet.

On my flight home was the husband of Britt Nicole, a Christian singer. Or rather, on my flight was the widower of Britt Nicole. (In the dream, she had very recently died.) He was standing next to me on the plane, which didn’t have real seating. It was like a flying subway car. He asked the flight attendant to copy down some information he had about Britt, but he was incredibly offended that the flight attendant did not know who Britt was or that she had died. Another flight attendant, who was like a less abrasive Wanda Sykes, took over the task and calmed the man down.

I was not only flying home, but I was also flying for work. My job was to transport lost and found jewelry back to the owners. A girl I was traveling with wore some of the jewelry, which I thought was incredibly unprofessional. If I wanted the jewelry back, I had to figure out how to quit the level of Candy Crush that was on the screen in front of me. The girl (who was now Olivia Wilde) eventually returned the jewelry: a necklace with a gold plated pendant that was essentially a hex nut with a star-like shape cut into it.

I also saw a cat that froze in mid-step and made dramatic facial expressions. He did multiple takes if necessary. I wondered what the competition was like for cat actors and how difficult it is to train them.


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