#21 from my 30 Before 30 list: Spend a whole day in a giant blanket fort


In anticipation of a mid-week July 4th holiday, my roommate and I excitedly built a blanket fort in front of our TV and stocked it with pop-tarts, popcorn, juice, and NERF guns before hunkering down for a marathon of Castle episodes. I may not have spent a consecutive 24 hours in the fort, but it did consume our living room for almost an entire week. We didn’t really want to take it down, but I had people coming over to the apartment, and they probably would have preferred sitting on the couch. Since all of my blankets were used to construct the fort, I got my sleeping bag out of the closet and slept in the fort for two nights. I would have liked to wear my footie pajamas while in the fort, but it was much too hot for that. I’ll break out the footie pajamas when the blanket fort inevitably returns in the winter!

Since my roommate and I are taller than the children you would normally find inside a blanket fort, we needed a taller structure. We stood the couch cushions on their sides for more height, and we propped the center up with a TV dinner table stand on top of our ottoman. We secured the blankets with chip clips and used large pillows and extra blankets to make the floor more comfortable. Most importantly, stock the fort with plenty of snacks! Trips to the kitchen? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


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