Jim, Pam, and Andy watch a pirated movie, Mrs. Albert Hannaday, starring Jack Black, Jessica Alba, and Cloris Leachman.

This is my office. Every day at lunch, I sit in our office break room and watch shows on Netflix with two of my coworkers. We just finished watching Arrested Development, and now we’re catching up on The Office. (Last year, I brought in my DVDs of The Office, seasons 1-4, so we are picking up again with season 5.)

In today’s episode, Jim and Pam join Andy in their office break room and watch Mrs. Albert Hannaday, a movie that Andy illegally downloaded. When this scene started, my coworkers and I laughed at the striking similarity to ourselves in that very moment. My coworkers and I were sitting around a laptop in the break room watching Jim, Pam, and Andy sitting around a laptop in their break room watching Cloris Leachman seduce Jack Black. How meta. We were even sitting in the same order: the one woman sitting on the far right and the two men sitting on the left. A few moments into the scene as Andy poured out a bowl of popcorn [kernels] and took his seat, I laughed and said, “It’s us!”

In the photo below, I captured the moment of Office inception. Offception.

Mrs. Albert Hannaday


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