#23 from my 30 Before 30 list: Donate a gallon of blood (8 pints = 8 donations)

I recently donated my fourth pint of blood, which marks the halfway point toward my goal! I was originally supposed to attend a blood drive in February, but that was snowed out. This particular donation was a little more difficult than the others, because they had trouble finding my vein. It took two techs to locate the vein just so they could mark the skin with iodine. It took another tech – Steve, ever the comedian – to locate the vein after the needle was already in my arm. That’s right. They missed the vein. It’s a weird experience seeing a needle go in and not seeing any blood come out. They had to adjust the needle several times throughout the donation process, and I heard more than once, “The blood stopped flowing.” It may have taken a little longer than usual, but I was able to donate successfully and enjoyed some homemade cookies afterward!

I am eligible to donate again at the beginning of May. However, I might have the opportunity to visit an orphanage in Guatemala this April, which means I would have to wait until April 2014 before I can donate again.

Each pint of blood can save up to three lives, so visit redcrossblood.org to make a blood donation appointment!

Part 5 – April 18, 2014


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