Deborah Shoshlefski, chair model

Michael Scott, feeling lonely after his breakup with Jan Levinson, falls in love with a chair model from the office supply catalog.

My office has its own chair model – sort of. On the home page of a client’s website, one of our salespeople found a picture of a beautiful woman. He is now convinced that the woman in the photo is the same woman who answers the phone when he calls their office. She has a look that apparently matches the slight accent he heard on the phone. He calls her stunningly beautiful and admits to having a harmless crush on her. The rest of the office is hoping to burst his bubble by finding the original stock photo or some other piece of evidence to prove she is not our client’s receptionist.

So far we have yet to disprove his model/receptionist theory… Hopefully our investigation won’t turn up what Dwight discovered about Deborah Shoshlefski AKA Chair Model Lady – she’s dead.

FUN FACT: “Chair Model” is the episode that also features Cool Guy Paul.


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