I was just about to fall asleep, but then I remembered a work email I needed to send. As I laid in bed with my laptop, I quickly typed up an email to a client about needing to cut several tenths of an inch off her organization’s advertisement for my company’s magazine. I hit send, closed my laptop, and went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I vaguely remembered emailing the client before bed and was going to tweet about how I wasn’t sure if sending the email was a dream or a memory. It was a memory, but it apparently didn’t happen exactly as I remembered. I soon got a phone call from my coworker Lance. He was in Chicago (both in the dream and in real life) on business at an industry event. He said that a woman had received an email from our company, but she was concerned because it had been marked as spam. He started to describe the contents of the email, and it sounded like the message I had sent.

“Yes, I sent that email last night before going to bed. Does it say something about an ad and several tenths of an inch?”
“Yes, but are you sure?” he asked. “Are you sure you didn’t send it while you were asleep? It’s all backwards.”
“Backwards?! What do you mean?”
“Just check your sent folder.”

I logged into my email and checked the sent folder. There was the email I remembered sending. When I opened the email, though, I was really confused. The words were all jumbled and running together. There was a string of random numbers as well as an unusual link to an unfamiliar website. The email had been sent to Gail Rudowicz (a real person who is an icon of our company’s industry), who was NOT the intended recipient of the email I thought I had sent.
I was trying to make sense out of everything when I finally got to work that day. Was that email a dream or a memory? Both, I guess. I really did send an email, so that was a memory. However, staying awake to type it and hit send was completely a dream. Who knew that sleep-emailing was a thing?!
You can imagine my confusion and concern when I woke up in real life…

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