In real life, my cell phone alarm went off at 6 AM. I got my phone from across the room, crawled back into bed, and started checking my Instagram feed. I came across this photo of the Tower of Terror by Daniel Cloud Campos, who also commented, “I got kicked off this ride!! Hahaha!” Shortly after reading this, I fell back asleep and woke up an hour later. Within that hour, I had this crazy dream that explained how Cloud got kicked off the Tower of Terror… among other peculiar events.

Cloud was riding the Tower of Terror, which was unlike what we’ve seen before. Instead of The Hollywood Tower Hotel, the ride consisted of Disney’s version of an African village, complete with thatch-roofed huts and khaki-colored everything. Instead of a drop down an elevator shaft, riders were equipped for laser tag. Cloud took this ride very seriously. Strapped with two laser guns (instead of just the one issued to every rider), he made his way through the “village,” ambushing women and children in the doorways of huts, taking them by surprise, knocking them out of the game – one by one. Disney personnel could see that Cloud’s… enthusiasm… was taking the pleasure out of the ride for all the kids. They asked him to leave.

Since he couldn’t stay in the park, Cloud and I, along with a few of our friends (at least that’s who they were in the dream), walked around until we stumbled upon a barbecue in a nearby church parking lot. They were setting up for the event and apparently required giant, white construction cranes to do so. This was no small production. As they finished setting up, our group found an empty corner of the parking lot to goof around and work on some dance partnering. At one point, I was definitely upside-down.

The barbecue was finally ready, and we all got into line to load our plates up with food. As we helped ourselves to potato salad, we overheard two church ladies talking. Unlike previous years, the barbecue would not bring in enough money to cover the financial needs of the church. “We need to do another fundraiser,” the one woman said to the other. After a moment of thought, the second woman replied, “Nude calendar.” We turned to each other with a look that said, “Did she really just say nude calendar?!” But we hadn’t misheard. The woman really did suggest a nude CHURCH calendar, but unlike the other woman, she didn’t seem to see the problem with that.


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