#18 from my 30 Before 30 list: Complete my collection of autographs from the cast of Castle


In January 2012, Seamus Dever (Det. Kevin Ryan on Castle) hosted a contest via his website. The first 200 people to email their mailing address via his website’s contact page would receive an autographed “wedding” photo of Det. Ryan and his bride Jenny, who is played by Seamus’ real-life wife Juliana Dever. About a week later, the photo arrived. I was surprised that I had received one of the photos. So many people had entered the contest that Seamus’ website had actually crashed.

I was even more surprised that, when I got home, there were actually two large envelopes sent from California. One was obviously from Seamus Dever’s PR firm, but the other was hand-written with no return address.
I found this inside the second envelope:


This was completely unexpected! I had no idea that Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle) was planning on sending this or that it would arrive the same exact day as Seamus & Juliana’s photo. And I couldn’t believe when I read her tweet that she remembered I had sent a Christmas card to her fan mail address!


Now that I had autographed photos from not one but two Castle cast members, I decided I should try to start/complete the “collection” by getting autographed photos from the rest of the cast. Jon Huertas, who plays Javier Esposito, recently started a YouTube channel and promised an autographed digital poster for each of his subscribers. While the poster is digital, he said on Twitter that a hi-res version can be printed out. Consider me subscribed.

For Jon and the rest of the cast, I recently sent out a bunch of postcards and SASEs in hopes that an autographed photo will be mailed back. I also included a postcard for Andrew Marlowe, creator and writer of Castle. Even though I already have Seamus’ and Molly’s autographs, I sent them postcards just to say hello :) Each postcard had its own envelope with the person’s name hand-lettered, and then all the individual envelopes were stuffed into a larger envelope that I shipped off to Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, where they film Castle. (I was given the address by someone who works at the studios and was told to send fan mail there.)

Now I play the waiting game. I will be sure to post an update after the autographs (hopefully) arrive!


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