Part 2 of this dream I think I will make password protected. You’ll have to send me a personal message to get the password, and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets to read it.

As the title suggests, this dream was filled with all kinds of crazy. Most of it took place in the distant future where science had made great advances in technology. In one part of the dream, I was heading into a small room where there were large Styrofoam coolers stacked on bunk bed-like structures. My friends and I had personally decorated our own coolers with flowered designs, our name, and the date. In each cooler was a cryogenically frozen clone of ourselves. Actually, if you want to get technical, the frozen one is the original, and we were the clones. We were getting ready to wake up the originals, which wasn’t a very difficult task. It was just like waking up a sleeping person. No defrost was needed. I poked my original, who started to wake up, and I clamored down the bunk bed before she could see me. Since there was some time travel involved in the situation, I had to be careful not to let my original see me. If she did, there would be confusion that could change the course of history. As I hid underneath the bottom bunk, I heard a scream. My friends obviously didn’t get the warning about hiding, and their originals shrieked at the sight of their clones.

In another part of the dream, I was going down a water slide, though it was not your typical water park slide. It was a long tunnel of ice, which had been carved into a glacier over time. There was plenty of light shining through the walls of the tunnel, which was a shiny, translucent icy blue. As the ice melts, the fresh water polishes the walls of the tunnel, and the flow carries people from end to end.

I don’t know if this is where the ice tunnel ended, but I soon found myself in an icy pink bathroom. It was very futuristic with automatic everything. The stall doors opened on their own, too. No one walked; we floated through the air instead.

In another scene, everything was much darker. I walked outside into a courtyard and found lots of kids smoking cigarettes. Some of the kids I knew from working at the Boston Ballet, and one was a resident of mine at Messiah College. I did not expect her to be smoking, but she had a cigarette in each hand. She was even trying to inhale her own second-hand smoke through her nose, though it looked more like she was trying to snort it.

Also a visually dark scene, I was with a small group of people attending a huge church service. We were wading through a sea of people trying to find seats. There was an open section that we passed by, because we knew the seats on the opposite side were much more comfortable.


2 thoughts on “Dream Journal: All Kinds of Crazy – Part One

    1. Thanks! Sometimes my dreams remind my coworkers and me of movies we’ve seen, but sometimes I don’t think Hollywood is ready for these plots! You should also check out my post, “Remnant.” It’s a TV show commercial I created in my dream.

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