I remember the chocolate cake part of my dream most vividly. It was a round cake with two or three layers. It was coated in chocolate frosting and topped with fresh raspberries. I was in a small cafe with friends, sitting on a bench by a small table. I thought about getting the cake since it looked so delicious but decided against it.

Yep. Body rolls.

A man to my left was trying to flirt with one of my friends (@justrealhappy), as was the young man in the opposite corner. Then I realized that the second young man wasn’t flirting with my friend at all. His attention was focused on me, though he wasn’t trying to win my affection. He and my friend already knew each other and tried to tempt me to buy the chocolate cake by doing body rolls. Embarrassed by their dancing, I laid down on the bench and tried to hide underneath the table.

Apparently the dancing man was my friend’s boyfriend – a shaggy haired skateboarder. The three of us went back to some huge house where there was a Christmas party going on. My family and many other people were there. I saw my younger nephew, Grayson, there. As I gave him a hug and a kiss, I discovered a curious habit he had developed. Pinching people’s lips. Hard. I didn’t stay at the party long. I picked up a backpack and three duffel bags and got ready to leave. It was a traveling season, and I had to take another trip. I was a seasoned traveler and had no trouble maneuvering with all of my luggage.

Also in my dream, my parents were white, and I had a 17-year-old older sister. She had a nasty attitude and stole the family minivan. I tried to flag her down and tell her to stop, but she pretended not to see me.


3 thoughts on “Dream Journal: Chocolate Cake

  1. HahahahhahA! I totally missed that this was a dream at first, so I was sitting with CB saying, “who in the world was trying to flirt with me?!?!” This is hilarious. And so weird….

  2. Oh, and this was also part of my dream… While we were in the cafe, someone was showing me the ASL sign for “bull dog.” Their hands actually turned into the head of a black, super furry bull dog that barked and snapped at me. I thought, “Wow, she’s really good at sign language.”

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