I should have written down this dream much earlier in the day, because now I hardly remember it. Here are the scattered details. My family was walking through some house or shelter. I think we were either on a tour of the house or walking through to get somewhere else. My brother was walking ahead of me, and he was carrying one of his sons. I think the son was actually inside a closet organizer (much like the one they gave me for Christmas), which my brother was carrying. The organizer was home-made, and cheaply so. Like many of the things in the house we were touring, it was cheap, and my brother often made comments about it as we walked. I think he also mentioned something about the family being so stingy and not wanting to pay much for anything, so they settle for poor quality.

The "Water Blob"

We walked outside, and we were on some kind of campground or retreat center, also owned by the stingy family. We weren’t the only people there, and there was actually a rather large group. We were all in the lake or some body of water. I was on a “water blob” with some other people as we listened to this one man make announcements. He was introducing us to Ashley, some random girl who didn’t look familiar. It was her birthday, and they were giving her a T-shirt.

“Wait for it,” said some cynical guy on the water blob. He was aware of the family’s penny-pinching ways. He doubted the shirt was a gift.

The announcer man continued, “We’re giving her the shirt in exchange for her providing and serving the birthday cake.” Surprise, surprise.

“There you go,” Mr. Cynical remarked before jumping on the water blob to send me flying into the air.


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