I first heard about “12 Changes” from a friend. She posted on her blog and twitter about how a bunch of bloggers are setting out to make several small changes throughout 2012 in order to achieve great change in their lives. It’s set up to focus on one small change every month, though I’m sure not everyone will choose to do it that way. I read more about “12 Changes” on Stephany’s blog, and learned that there will also be a web community created to encourage all of the participants.

In order to come up with my list of changes, I first thought about what goals I wanted to achieve in 2012. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Improve my spiritual life – spend more time reading the Bible, in prayer, and journaling
  • Get fit – improve overall strength (especially my core), endurance, and flexibility
  • Eat healthier
  • Sleep more
  • Have clearer skin
  • (Re)connect with friends
  • Simplify – my schedule, my possessions, my wardrobe, and my spending
  • Learn new things – make use of my horribly neglected guitar, ukulele, and violin
  • Engage my creativity more regularly – make music, sew, do graphic design, or take photographs just for fun

Here’s the list of 12 changes I came up with, though it may be subject to change. I divided them across the months, though I would ideally make all of these changes every month for the whole year. Focusing on one per month, though, makes it more likely that I will commit to these changes and follow through. (I hope.) I’m also hoping that the changes I make in the beginning of the year will continue on throughout the year as they become natural habits rather than conscious efforts.

  • January – read the Bible every day
  • February – practice Examen and journal once a week
  • March – be in bed by 11 PM every night
  • April – drink water every day and replace other fluids with water or green tea
  • May – eat fruits and vegetables every day
  • June – exercise for 30 minutes six days per week
  • July – go dairy free (I hear that helps clear the skin)
  • August – get together with a friend once a week
  • September – do something creative or new at least once a week (music, graphic design, photography, sewing, etc.)
  • October – spend only cash on unplanned expenses
  • November – keep one night a week free of plans and responsibilities
  • December – donate or consign clothes/belongings once a week
What goals and changes do you have in mind for 2012?

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