I don’t remember exactly how all these events were connected in my dream, but these are the details I remember.

  • I was a part of Wong Fu Productions, but I was still in that awkward new person phase. It was the phase where I had Philip Wang’s cell number and could text him, but I wasn’t sure if he would want me to text or if he even had my number saved.
  • Perhaps I was part of Wong Fu to replace Wes, who had somehow died. One of the guys had made a memorial video of Wes. I wept while watching, and at the end said, “I miss Wes.”
  • I was taking dry, brown leaves and coloring them green with markers. I think I was doing this as part of a gift for my “sister” who was having a baby. (I really do have a sister, but she was not the person in my dream, nor is she having a baby.) She was at the hospital having the baby, and I drove with someone to see her. I was the one driving, and I turned left instead of turning right. I think I was planning to go somewhere along the way, but then I realized I was just driving horribly out of the way. I thought about texting Phil to let him know I would be late to school because my sister was having a baby, but then I wasn’t sure if he wanted to receive my text message.

12/26/11 – I just remembered another detail! Somewhere in there, I was playing guitar with Paul Wright. At first, a friend and I were trying to play one of Paul’s songs, and he just happened to be there. Not wanting to show Paul that I didn’t really know how to play his song, we started playing a mashup of songs using the only three chords I knew in the dream. I’m pretty sure one of the songs was “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5.


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