As I was falling asleep last night, I had a random flashback to my first year of college. My floormates and I would spend WAY too much time watching ridiculous and hilarious videos on the Internet. This was before YouTube became popular, though. Instead of a playlist of favorites, I had a folder of bookmarked pages from across the Internet. A LOT of bookmarked pages. Here are a few that kept us entertained when we should have been doing homework:

Tony Singing – “Me in my songing practice…”

Baby Got Book – I know the link is from YouTube, but I couldn’t find the original site we used to watch this video!

Milk and Cereal – Two of our favorite versions

Numa Numa
– The DJ Rotterdam version, which is the only version of Numa Numa I think of. You must watch the WHOLE thing and ask yourself, “How much drugs and alcohol are in his system right now?”

Grape Stomping Goes Wrong – I feel bad laughing, but I can’t help it.

Dance White Boy Dance – Everybody dance now!

What were some of the earliest viral videos you remember watching?


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