This weekend I traveled two hours to my parents’ house so I could visit the dentist for a regular cleaning. I also had a cold creep up on me, and I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into bronchitis – again. All this to say… I didn’t get to make a response video this week – but I still wanted to respond to the question of the week: If your experience of singleness was a bumper sticker or slogan, what would it say?

When I was a teenager, I literally had a slogan for my experience of singleness. In my wallet, I carried around a laminated card. On one side, it said “The Singles’ Club,” and below that, my signature and “Member Since” some year I don’t remember anymore. On the other side was the club motto: “Flying solo is okay.” I made a couple of these for my friends who were also single, though I don’t know if they kept them in their wallets or promptly threw them away. Perhaps as a teenager I really did think that flying solo was okay, or maybe I was just trying to convince myself that not having a date to the homecoming dance didn’t make me a loser or social failure. I would be fairly impressed in my teenage self if I truly believed that, because ten years later I sometimes struggle with thinking it’s true.

On Facebook, Belinda joked about having the slogan “U Can’t Touch This,” but I think I prefer her other suggestion: “Respect for others, respect for self.”

At Bible study last week, a friend talked about having anxiety the day before Valentine’s Day as she saw all of these men at the grocery store buying flowers for their girlfriends and wives. Thoughts Lies like, “I’m going to be alone forever” and “No one will ever love me” crept into her mind. After talking to a close friend on the phone, she was reminded of the Truth contained in the Bible. Not only does the Bible tell us time and time again that we are loved, but as Christians, we are children of the King. We are princes and princesses! You don’t need Prince Charming or a “happily ever after” to be royalty.


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