Here’s the response for the first Single Sunday question of the week: Do you feel that marriage is valued more than singleness in Church/society? The video features comments from a blogger named Julia and @quarterlifelady on Twitter. The opinions shared in the video are our personal thoughts and are not necessarily representative of all Christians or the Church as a whole. My goal for Single Sunday is to facilitate a conversation about singleness and the experience of being a single adult, and for Christians, especially in the Church. Sharing theological truths about singleness is not my primary objective, but comments on theology are certainly welcome.

And this is my first attempt at vlogging, so excuse the awkwardness. I hope to get better as the series progresses! I’d also like to add that the church I currently attend has a thriving young adult community (not just young families) where both married couples and single adults feel welcome. I am thankful for the place I have found in this church and for the friends, both married and single, that I have met there.


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