In the last entry, I introduced The Purse, the blog of my friend Corrie. She is currently working on a new blog series on the topic of singleness and marriage. “Rewriting Fairy Tales,” the first post in the series, is “an autobiographical account of [her] own initial struggles with being single” and also includes some of my own thoughts and experiences. In preparation for writing this series, Corrie created a survey, which she sent out to some of her single friends. As I worked my way through the questions, I discovered it was quite a personal exercise that required a lot of careful thought and, at times, some unpacking of emotional baggage.

Corrie and I are interested in hearing what other people have to say about their experience with singleness in response to the survey questions. Here are 4 ways you can join the conversation:

  1. Subscribe to The Purse. Corrie will be updating her blog with her thoughts on singleness as well as the results of her survey. Be sure to share your own thoughts, reflections, and responses to her entries by leaving your comments on her blog.
  2. Subscribe to my blog. I will post one question from Corrie’s survey on this page every Monday. Leave your response as a comment on the blog. A link to subscribe to this blog is found at the bottom of the page.
  3. Follow me on Twitter (@cindyagoncillo): In addition to posting the question of the week on this blog, I will also post the question on Twitter with the hashtag #SingleSunday. Tweet your response, and be sure to include the hashtag!
  4. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Every Sunday, I will release a new “Single Sunday” video on YouTube. I’ll be sharing my own thoughts and responses to the weekly question, and I may share some of your blog comments and tweets! You are welcome to post your thoughts as a video response or comment.

So there you go – join the conversation! Corrie and I are excited to hear what you all have to say, whether you are currently single or in a relationship. Invite your friends to join in, too. Retweet, email, anything to expand the conversation. Spread the word as we get ready for Week 1 of the series.

Question #1 will be posted Monday, January 24th.
The YouTube premiere of “Single Sunday” is January 30.


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