Thank you again to Auntie Anne’s, not only for providing buttons and stickers for future card-making (and a free pretzel!) but also for being so supportive of the work I have done this holiday season. Below is the “story,” if you will, of how the Auntie Anne’s Christmas card (below) came to be. A big thank you to Twitter for being the forum that provided this opportunity. So far this holiday season, I have received a free Auntie Anne’s pretzel and other goodies, $10 in #TweetTidings from Target to use on, as well as compliments from the online fashion community – all thanks to Twitter! Perhaps my New Year’s resolution should be to refine my use of Twitter, to maximize the benefits of social networking and make it more than a place where I vent the things I can’t say on facebook.!/AuntieAnnes/status/12914010072547328!/CindyAgoncillo/status/12914619353923584!/AuntieAnnes/status/12935088270475264!/CindyAgoncillo/status/12935987621527552!/AuntieAnnes/status/12968526784495616!/CindyAgoncillo/status/12969446431784960!/AuntieAnnes/status/13230428102074369!/CindyAgoncillo/status/13238930962911232!/CindyAgoncillo/status/14542344929939457!/AuntieAnnes/status/15865467998572544

How do you make the most of social networking sites? What benefits have you received from your use of Twitter, Facebook, etc.? Leave your answer in the comment box below!


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