This year, I decided to make Christmas cards for my friends and coworkers. I have made cards in the past for general note-sending, so I have a collection of card stock and pages ripped from magazines, IKEA catalogs, and old textbooks from the ’80s. It was a creative, personal, and cost-effective way to send holiday greetings. Auntie Anne’s thought it was a great idea when I tweeted about it, so they are sending me pretzel buttons and stickers for future card-making!

The cards in this collection are for my co-workers. There are about 20 of us in the office, and this was the best way to whip out a bunch of cards (2 at a time!) that still look nice. I had dove, tree, and holly shapes. I also made a few cards that were red and green with lights (I think the image was from an old electronics or science textbook).

Click thumbnail to enlarge image.


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