I’ve been wanting to get back to dancing for a while now, and tonight I started a 4-week ballroom crash course. We learned the foundational rules of ballroom and the basic steps of the waltz. Next week, we tackle the foxtrot. Reverence Studios, where I’m going, is a Christian studio, meaning we begin class with prayer and the teachers are currently working on a production based on the parables and message of Jesus. Our teacher, Sarah, prayed that we would see the parallels between dance and our relationship with God. The similarities were everywhere!

One that stuck out to me was when Sarah talked about leading. We tend to focus on where we want to go and head in that direction, but we need to wait for the Man’s cue to tell us where to go. He may want us to go right and lead us in that direction, but if we are so intent on going left, we are only going to trip. It is also the Man’s responsibility to lead His partner is the right direction, to move His partner forward and keep an eye out for obstacles.

Also in ballroom dancing, you have to engage all of your muscles the entire time. If your arms get tired, you can’t just give up and collapse onto your partner, expecting Him to dance for you. However, the Man is dancing with you the entire time and maintains a strong frame to support His partner. The beauty of the waltz is in the partnership. It’s all about the two people moving as one unit and the inability of the audience to distinguish the dancer from the Partner.


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