So yesterday was 9/9/09 – a supposedly lucky day because of the triple 9’s. And it was the 252nd day of the year, and 2 + 5 + 2 = 9. It was a pretty good day, I must say. In honor of the special occasion, here are 9 good things that happened during the day.

1. I got my hair cut. I’ve been contemplating bangs for about a week now, and finally did it! AND I didn’t hate it. I have to start wearing my contacts more often, because my glasses look silly with bangs now.
2. I discovered and have spent many happy hours since then. It’s kind of like FML, but positive. And it makes me laugh, which makes me feel good. There are a lot of nods to ninjas, Batman, and Harry Potter. Now I want a vintage Batman t-shirt. Here are some good MLIAs:

  • Today, I drank Kool-Aid. A giant pitcher of juice did not break into my home. MLIA.
  • Today, I filled a Windex bottle with blue Gatorade. I then sprayed it into my mouth infront of my mother. She began to panic and scream and get hysterical. I thought it was funny. She didn’t. MLIA
  • Today, I was thinking about the expression ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’. Then I considered that ‘revenge is sweet’. I’ve come to the conclusion that revenge is ice cream. MLIA
  • Today I had rice. I’m Asian. MLIA

3. I had macaroni and cheese for dinner. I’ve been craving it for a while and finally went to the store and bought two boxes.
4. Outside of the grocery store, two guys from a karate school offered me a free week of cardio kick-boxing. I turned them down, but secretly wished they had offered me karate lessons or had mentioned ninjas.
5. I got a call from my alma mater, where I applied to be a receptionist at College Press. They wanted to set up a phone interview, which I had today. I found out that the job goes from Mid-August to May, and pays over $10 an hour, which sounds perfect for me.
6. I got to watch the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance – Season 6! The season is off to a great start, and I’m glad they are showing more spectacular dancers than duds. Ryan Kasprzak auditioned last season with his brother Evan, but was cut from the Top 20 while Evan made the Top 4. Hopefully after his audition last night, it’ll be his turn to be one of America’s favorite dancers.
7. GLEE. I have been waiting for this day all summer long, since they first aired the Pilot episode. I enjoy swooning over singing boys too much. Thankfully Cory Monteith is not really in high school, but rather a 27-year-old, so it’s okay to swoon. “This dance ain’t for errbody. Only the sexy people.”
8. I found a voice mail on my cell phone after Glee was over, from my friend/old boss. She had just finished watching Glee and was trying to tell me in between laughing spurts the lines she thought was funniest. I saved it to my phone, because it was that great.
9. I slept in a bed. Each week in church, we share things we are grateful for, and when no one has anything to share, my pastor reminds us we have a bed. We can be thankful for that.


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