Tomorrow morning I have my first “real world” job interview. Until now, I’ve only had phone interviews or rejection emails (for post-grad jobs, that is). Now I have a full-day interview, beginning at 8:30 am with a loan committee meeting. I read through the 54 pages of loan information that we’ll be going over at the meeting, though I’m not sure I understand all of it. But I’ve still been told I should go over the document and be able to point out the pros and cons of each loan. I never expected anything like this when I started applying for graphic design jobs. Who knew I would have to know about loans AND typography? I’m not sure what to expect at all out of tomorrow. After 7 meetings throughout the day, including one with the President/CEO, I have to do a presentation of a project that they are giving me 45 minutes to work on. And I’ll be wearing heels all day. Now what will Friday’s interview have in store, considering it’s only an hour long?


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