4 thoughts on “Fall TV Lineup

  1. I saw a commercial for another new show, The Middle, on ABC. I think Patricia Heaton is in it. It looks really funny, especially the scenes with their young son. Modern Family on ABC also looks like it will be a funny show.

  2. We used to watch House but…it got a little bit out there so we don't anymore. But we do LOVE Bones. We also make it a point to watch The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Project Runway (even if it is on Lifetime now. ew).

  3. Fox is definitely my go-to network for the fall line up. Although, I'm HUGELY bummed out that NCIS is up against SYTYCD. I really like NCIS, but not as much as I LOVE SYTYCD. So, dancing wins out, for me.I'm also very excited for Glee and the new season of Bones.

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