Rachel posted something like this on Facebook, and encouraged others to do the same. So here’s what I will remember from each year of my time at Messiah College. What will you remember?

First Year:
– Hess Basement :)
– Wearing Chucks to the homecoming dance, and starting a personal tradition that lasted almost all four years
– An Amish Paradise? FYS, Popsicles, Witness at Dave’s house, and a field trip to Sally Esh’s house
– The Bob Jones University/Beyonce remix
– Created and Called for Community with Brian Smith
– Dictator Bowling and “The Suitor” read-aloud

Sophomore Year:
– Bittner 3rd, and the ever spacious quad
– Acclamation Ballet 2
– Bucket of chickens and Little Miss Sunshine
– Hmmm… I don’t seem to remember much from sophomore year…

Junior Year:
– Joining Res Life as part of Bittner (and SoCo) staff!
– Dressing up as a Mexican bandit for a mystery dinner
– Changing my major to Studio Art!
– Dinner Squad :)
– Staying on campus for the summer with some great friends

Senior Year:
– Skelly Staff <3
– Senior show
– Footloose!
– Men’s Volleyball, t-shirts and road trips
– Breakfast Club and Lunch Bunch
– Human Sexuality and Abnormal Psych
– Graduation, of course…

It will be interesting to reflect on my college experiences in a few years, or a few decades even. Memories come to mind easily now, and even the most obscure moments return with a trigger. But when everything stops being so fresh, what will I remember? My hope is that I will remain connected with my college friends somehow, and these memories will not be lost because our friendship will serve as living reminders of all the special moments.


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