After almost three months of waiting, I have finally heard back from SOMEONE about a possible job. On February 4, I sent my resume to the Boston Ballet. They have an intense summer dance program for youth approximately ages 8 to 19. The dancers live in dorms over the summer and also go on excursions during the program. I applied for the Residential Counselor and Assistant Resident Director positions, which have duties similar to what I do now as a Resident Assistant. I would basically be an RA for these young dancers, and accompany them on their excursions to Red Sox games and dinner cruises. Several weeks had passed and I still hadn’t heard anything from them. Another RA on campus also applied for the job, and when I found out she already had her phone interview (while I was still waiting to hear about scheduling an interview), I assumed I didn’t get the job. After all, they would only be contacting the applicants they wanted to interview. Even more time passed and I found out this other RA had been offered a position but turned it down. I thought for sure that I was passed over for the job if spot had already begun to be filled. But lo and behold, I got an email yesterday from the Boston Ballet asking if I was still interested and if I am available for a phone interview. He apologized for such a long delay, but they had received over 300 applications and were making their way through the pile. This new development in the job search is quite timely, because my love for dance was recently revived this past weekend after the Acclamation Dance Ministry Spring Concert. I’m very excited for this opportunity, and for something in this whole process to show progress. So Wednesday at 1:30 pm EST, I’ll be on the phone.


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