Hanging out at home doing homework and finishing up Senior Show is a bit less exciting than camping on the beach in St. Augustine, FL. This year is definitely different from last year, but I’m sure that when I get the chance to really relax, I will appreciate it. I feel like the past few weeks or so have been pretty whirlwind, and the next couple of weeks will be about the same. So this week is the eye of the storm, I suppose.

Looking back, I see…
joy at the birth of Seraphina Marie Williams.
the emotional difficulty of RA selection going on around me and the realization that I will not be returning to Res Life next year.
the frustration of seeing friends struggling and not knowing what to do to help.
fun times with friends and the opportunity to enjoy a good weekend.

Looking ahead, I see…
the opening of Senior Show in two weeks. A source of great anxiety until next week, and a source of great relief after March 28th.
graduation in exactly two months and leaving student life at Messiah.

Senior show and graduation are the only two things I am certain are in my future. Well, that and homework. Everything else is up in the air. I am in the process of applying for different jobs in different fields – some in different states, too. The waiting game begins. In a way, it is a positive experience taking this step toward a post-Messiah life. An act of acceptance, I guess. But at the same time, it’s very unnerving – this experience of beginning to leave the nest, not knowing if I can fly, wondering how hard the ground will feel if I fall.

For now, I must rest in the uncertainty and hope of the future – whoever and whatever it contains.


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