J-term is officially over! I’ve been taking Native American Cultures, which wasn’t a terribly difficult class (considering the final turned out to be optional). It was frustrating, though, learning about all the injustices the Native American people faced throughout history and continue to face. If you get a chance, learn a little bit about the Carlisle Indian School and take a trip down to the cemetery. Some good books to read are Mean Spirit by Linda Hogan and Wisdom of the Native Americans.

Other than class, I’ve spent some time with my staff learning about Sabbath and the importance of rest. This coming semester, I hope to practice Sabbath regularly. And in order to do that, I’ve realized the need to let go of academic perfection. I’m auditing one class and taking another pass/fail. I had been signed up to take it for a letter grade and use the course as a GPA booster. But really, what’s the point? I’m taking the class to learn some new things and earn the credit. In the end, does GPA really matter? An interesting lesson to learn as I go into my final semester of college…


3 thoughts on “by request: opening 2009

  1. Thanks Cindy. I am glad you learned a lot over J-Term. Thanks for the new post too. I like hearing what you have to say. Did you travel to the cemetery as a class or on your own? How is your senior show coming along?

  2. I went to the cemetery on my own. It probably would have been a different experience had we gone as a class.Senior show hasn’t been a top priority, but I’ve been collecting movie stills throughout J-term.

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