This weekend was by far the most life-giving event of the past week, and it was infinitely better than last weekend. Somehow I was able to get a lot accomplished and found myself being very productive. I wrote a paper for art history, finished my journal for Environmental Ethics, prepared my presentation for ethics, and finished my art project – all before Monday morning. This is such an accomplishment, because the last time I wrote a paper for art history, I had to get up early the day it was due so I could research AND write the paper in the library before turning it in at 10 am. Anyway, I feel like I got a lot accomplished this weekend, which is a relief considering I had been so concerned about finishing everything. Despite all of the homework, I also found time to relax and hang out with friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Friday night the SRAs went to the Beachy’s for dinner, which was so enjoyable. It was great to sit back with friends and enjoy a home-cooked meal. As much as I love Messiah, sometimes it’s great to just get off campus for a while. When we returned to campus, we hung out in one of the RDs’ apartments watching movies, telling stories, and laughing with friends. It was the first time in a while that I was up past midnight for reasons other than homework. I’ve missed that feeling. Of course Saturday night was pretty amazing, too, because of the Art*Music*Justice Tour concert. Sunday night was spent finishing up some homework before getting some ice cream. I had the intentions of wandering around South Complex visiting people, but I got stuck at Ashley’s apartment. Ashley, the RD of Mountain View, was hanging out with her staff, and I joined them for a game of Scattegories. After most of her RAs left, I ended up sticking around and talking with her for a bit about this year. It was a great conversation, as conversations with the South Side RDs usually are. Side note: I’m so glad Ashley is back at Messiah. She is a great addition to Residence Life, and sometimes it’s kinda weird to think we were both at Messiah as students for one year. Anyway, overall I had a very life-giving weekend :)

As life-giving as the concert was, I would have to say that the most life-taking thing was the feeling of conviction that I left the concert with. I hear of all these problems, of all the injustice, and I just think: what am I doing with my life? Why am I not doing anything to fight this injustice? I remember Dr. Seibert’s sermon: how can I call myself a Christian if I see the needs but do nothing to help?


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