Had someone asked me last August what this year would hold, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I would have been unable to imagine even a single detail. Broad generalities and expectations? Perhaps. I would have expected a year of classes, inevitable challenges, some changes, meeting new people, and working in Res Life. Yet whenever I talk about this past year, I find myself repeating the same phrase: “It’s unbelievable…”
… how much we have accomplished and overcome.
… that we have become so close in such a short time.
… all that we have experienced.
… how much we have grown and learned.

The list could go on and on. And it is in all the “unbelievable” aspects of life that I have seen God’s faithfulness. God always has something in mind, and this year His ideas for my life were beyond my imagination. In spite of my expectations, He was at work around me, bringing about experiences I never saw coming. At times I was surprised, and other times I felt blindsided – yet I felt God must have been with me, helping me cope with everything He was sending my way. Or at least I hoped so.

During this past school year I…
… changed my major after two years.
… studied. A lot. And sometimes enjoyed it.
… did more reading than ever before.
… discovered the power in skimming.
… stayed up until 2 am talking with friends about life.
… took a nap at 2 am, then went back to homework.
… grew dependent on naps to get through the day.
… attempted to help friends with their issues.
… fought my own feelings of inadequacy and failure.
… made new friends (who I now trust whole-heartedly).
… rekindled old friendships.
… saw friendships start to slip.
… dealt with my mom’s leukemia diagnosis.
… felt the power of my friends’ compassion.
… saw the power of prayer and healing.
… built up hopes.
… wondered why I hoped for so much.
… questioned the decisions of other students.
… questioned myself.

… tried to trust that God has everything under control. And was reminded that He does. God’s mysterious ways make life unbelievable, because His ideas are not only beyond my imagination, but so much better.


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